Climbing against MS

On Monday 29th of May 2023, the 11th edition will take place on the flanks of Mont Ventoux.

WHAT IS KLIMMEN TEGEN MS? (Climbing against MS) 

What started over 13 years ago as a small-scale initiative, where a number of friends wanted to link their sportive challenge to a good cause, has grown into the largest Dutch cycling and running event on the flanks of the legendary 'Bald Mountain', the Mont Ventoux.

Participating in Klimmen tegen MS guarantees an unforgettable experience. We want all participants to be able to deliver their maximum performance on 29 May (Whit Monday) and therefore we ensure that everything, from care and maintenance of equipment to guidance and nutrition, is optimally organised during the event. Participating in Klimmen tegen MS is an experience which you will always remember, which is why many participants participate multiple years in a row. We do not want to make it a massive and impersonal event. Together and personally is our priority. It is the participants together who make Klimmen tegen MS such a special event.


Over 25,000 Dutch people experience the effects of MS every day, a chronic nerve disease with an uncertain and erratic course. MS has the dubious honour of giving people the greatest chance of ending up in a wheelchair (at a young age). In most cases, MS is diagnosed between 20th and 40th. For too long, this disease has not received enough attention, which is why there is still no solution. A lot of money is needed for research, among other things, in order to achieve our ultimate goal: a MS-free world. To reach this goal, there is no other alternative than to get moving.

On 29 May 2023, the Mont Ventoux will move and we will all contribute to this fight. 



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1% reached of total of €500.000
Together, we've covered 4.831 km